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UW-Madison Printmaking will be hosting the Southern Graphics Conference (SGC) in the Spring of 2022. Among the events at the conference, Fresh Hot Press will be throwing a steamroller printmaking event. 

Steamroller printmaking is essentially the same process as traditional relief printing using carved woodblocks, but huge! Giant woodblock designs are carved by artists, rolled up with ink, and printed outdoors using a ride-on asphalt compactor as the press. 

Fresh Hot Press will be inviting a select few artists to collaborate with during the event. Artist participants whose work will be printed include the UW-Madison Fresh Hot Press printmakers, individual local artists, teams of printmakers from other universities, and three yet to be released headlining artists. 

Fresh Hot Press has secured initial project funding from the UW-Madison Kempfer Knapp Grant, but is still in the process of searching for additional funds.

In the current planning phase we are also seeking support for the project including volunteers for the day of the event.

Please contact Fresh Hot Press with any questions or generous donations. 

For more info on the conference head to the SGCI Madison 2022 site:

Artist/ Printer/ Volunteer Application

For Juried Participation

Make some big a$$ prints with us!

Example photo gallery courtesy of collaborating partner

Little Giant Collective, a cooperative printmaking studio based in Santa Cruz, Ca

Steamroller Event June, 2019

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